Guild Bosses Locations / Info
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Lightbulb  10-12-2018, 10:03 AM -
As I said I'll put the guild bosses locations and a link to their info and drops. But first I'll explain how we manage to get the guild bosses scrolls.

To get guild bosses scrolls we need to wait till there's a guild boss subjugation quest, depending on the guild, small, medium, large or extra large, the boss will be harder or easier. 

If someone has any doubt ask it in this post. Now lets start.

Guild Boss Ancient Puturum

The location for Ancient puturum is in Valencia near Shakatu town. See the map under.

[Image: 1baf83c947140724f8e79a7bd9d38a07.jpg]

Ancient Puturum drops:

Guild Boss Lava Chief

Lava chief boss location is inside Omar Lava Cave in mediah. See the map under

[Image: b1ab7244902ddaf43b44fce3fe877675.jpg]

Lava Chief drops:

Guild Boss Giant Mudster

Giant Mudster location is near Glish in Serendia. It's located in Glish Ruins, see the map under.

[Image: fb3a61b4d1c137eea1ccd4109a5efe60.jpg]

Giant Mudster drops:

Don't forget you need to be at least lvl 52 to come with us. Also you'll need to hit the boss at least a pair of times to get the drop.
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