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10-10-2018, 06:22 AM -
As I always like, I would put a song first and then I'll start my little introduction to our community.

Now I can start. My nick in games can change, but you'll always recognize me. The default one that I usually use is Dimasaurio. 'Cause my name is Dyma. I'm something like Russian myself. But I live in Spain. So I speak Russian and Spanish too. If someone needs a hand in any of this two specific languages. Also as you can see, my english isn't perfect. But I try to improve it every day. I would really love if this community grew up to a big or medium thing and we all "conquer" a little any game we want by ourselves.

I hope everyone of you will have a good time here. If someone has any question about me that I can answer, I'll answer it in this post.

Have a great day guys, and don't forget that we'll be the best ones!
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